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NY Licorice Ensemble
<New American Works for Clarinet Ensemble>
①New York Counterpoint/ Steve Reich
②A Little Licorice Concerto/ Meyer Kupferman
③Monochrome III for Nine Clarinets /Johann Peter Schickele
Sonatina for Clarinet Choir/ Jerome Moross
  ④Ⅰ. Allegro ⑤Ⅱ. Andante ⑥Ⅲ. Vivace
Tenement Rhapsody/ Amanda Harberg
  ⑦Subway ⑧At Home ⑧At Play
⑩Episode For Clarinets/Bruce Ronkin
Two Festive Fanfares for Clarinet Choir/ Eric Ewazen
  ⑪Fanfare from “Monument to Color and Light”
  ⑫Front Range Fanfare

NY Licorice Ensemble
Ayako oshima, Yumi Ito, Fumie Endo, Akari Yamamoto, Nozomi Ueda,
Hiroko Mizuguchi, Hiromi Nishida, Kayoko Ohashi, Noriko Nagao,
Ikuko Tsukamoto, Ikuko Suzuki, Michiyo Suzuki, Fusayo Oike

Recorded : 24-25 July 2012
                at the Koto Kokaido “Tiara Koto” Small hall

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NY Licorice Ensemble
NY Licorice Ensemble was founded by Ayako Oshima, a clarinetist based in New York City.
All the members studied in New York with the well known clarinetist, Charles Neidich, who is Ayako’s husband. The Members have received awards at many international competitions.
The members are a variety of ages and have performed in Asia, the United States, and Europe. Of the 13 clarinetists, 5 of them live in New York and 8 of them live in Japan.


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